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Direct Consultations and Direct Construction
1. Total in-house construction (direct construction)
Since we do not use a two-level ordering process (in which the entire construction project is subcontracted out to another company), our company knows everything the goes on in the construction. As a result, we are also able to take quick and precise action with respect to maintenance. Many problems can be found in the use of such subcontracting (i.e., the use of a two-level order process). For example, if the company ends its business relationship with the subcontractor, the subcontractor may refuse to do maintenance or only do the maintenance on a low-priority delayed basis.
2. Direct consultations (coordinator, designer, on-site supervisor, and master carpenter)
As a specialist in total custom homes, at CAA we donft delegate the floor plan and spec consultations to a single employee, everyone involved in the house-building process takes part. As the house-building process moves forward, so that all parties can directly confirm the direction being taken, the customer meets with a CAA team that includes not only the project coordinator but also the designer, the on-site supervisor, and the master carpenter who actually builds the house. These consultations are necessary for CAA build-to-order construction in which each home reflects the individual character of the customer, and in order to insure that such meetings are possible, the area where construction can be undertaken is limited to the Kanto region.

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