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What is the OEM System?
~ An innovative system enabling you to both search for property and build a custom home! ~

Have you faced problems like these in your quest for a home?

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I want to find property in an ideal location and then build a custom home, butc
There are major risks inherent in purchasing property if you do not have basic knowledge of real estate and construction. Even if you purchase the property from a real estate agent, you can end up paying a high price to prepare the land for construction and put in water supply and sewage lines. There are also cases where people end up not being able to make a purchase because of the complexities of establishing the mortgage.
Even if you ask them to, most real estate agents will not make much of an effort to find you land. The reason being that their fee for one plot is not enough to cover the costs involved in the property search. Good property is almost all bought up by companies for use as land for spec houses and for resale as land with a construction requirement attached.
Since their primary business is construction, building contractors will not make a serious effort to find you land. In the great majority of cases they only have a limited amount of information, such as that included on real estate leaflets and in real estate agent information. You may be forced to wait a long time, and this can upset financing plans.

I want to use a loan to purchase property, butc
Since government-sponsored financing, such as that provided by the Government Housing Loan Corporation, only covers loans for the house, except in cases where the house and land are financed as a single unit, for a loan to buy property there is no other choice but to use bank financing. In the case of loans to purchase only property, however, the screening standards are strict and a large down payment (30% to 40% of purchase price) is required. In some cases it also becomes necessary to use a bank loan for the house.
Even if you succeed in getting a loan for the property, you must acquire the property land before acquiring the house so you will have a double payment burden since the property loan payments will begin immediately and you will also have to continue your current rent payments.
In addition to the home purchase expenses, it will also be necessary to pay the overhead expenses for the property acquisition. (Cash will be needed at property purchase time for brokerfs commission, etc.)
CAAfs OEM System has solved all of these problems.

(In addition to information on property for sale, we have a wide information network developed through links with land owners.)

CAA buys the land and builds the custom home that you desire.

Since you the customer can take out a single loan for both the land and house, you minimize the down payment.

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