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High quality at a low price

Do you believe you a custom home is out of your reach because of the high cost?

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People end up opting for a spec (ready-built) home because of budget constraints, butc
In a spec home, the parts that you see are done up quite lavishly. In order to hold the total cost down, however, companies use a simplified structure and reduce the quality of materials in places you cannot see. Such shortcomings are not apparent in the finished building and cannot be uncovered without examining the building frame, etc.
When the building is practically a finished product, or when land is purchased conditional on a specific house being built, only small changes can be made.

The custom homes built by building contractors are safe, butc
In order to hold down costs, many building contractors promote standardized houses and geasy orderh systems that utilize basic designs. Consequently, even if the customer wants to do things gmy way,h restrictions exist and any changes are treated as options.
When building contractors distribute large quantities of flyers and build extravagant model homes, those expenses must be paid for. So the customer ends up footing the bill in the form of costs added on to home construction costs.
The custom homes of CAA have solved these kinds of problems.

The floor plan is totally custom designed. The specifications/structure can be freely selected within the budget.
(Total Point System and Five-Structure-Course System)

The quality is equivalent to that of the custom homes of a building contractor.

The customer gets a high-quality home built at a low price.