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People come first

Our company believes:
This is the age of individuality!
We put top priority on a culture of the individual which nurtures that individuality.
You take the starring role and the company takes the supporting role!
You create your own life. We help develop your unlimited potential.

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Recruiting Details

Job type Development/sales, class-1 architect, part-time Employment test Written test (common knowledge/essay)
No. of people Several persons Aptitude test
Job content Development / sales Construction (home) marketing, sales, development, and planning Interview (1st, 2nd) šFor part-time positions, interview only
Not a commission system Questionnaire
Group system Documents to be submitted Resume (with photo)
@ Group leader and department manager provide support @ Self-introduction letter
@ Phased education provided in group units over the course of a year (1~5 years) @ School performance record*
Regular driverfs license required Letter of impending graduation*
Class-1 architect Design and calculations Health certificate
Part-time Office support
*Necessary only for new graduates.

Development/Sales Employment Details
Wages Monthly wages (fixed salary) at right 1st Trial period 190,000
Raise Performance based 2nd Trial period (until 6 months from entry --- official employment) 230,000
Bonus Performance based 1st year 290,000
Allowances Family allowance, housing allowance, position allowance
No overtime allowance
Other compen sation Use of commercial vehicle (can be used for commuting) Company pays vehicle tax, inspection fees, and gasoline costs
Insurance Employment insurance, health insurance, employeesf pension insurance, workersf accident insurance Insurance premiums and repair costs paid by employee
Retirement allowance system Yes
Benefits Qualification acquisition system Working hours 9:00 to 20:00
Overseas training system (selected persons) 12:00 to 15:00 (Break period)
@ Employee dormitory under construction *Because this is a sales position, in principle, the above hours are to be worked.
Study trips and other activities held depending on circumstances and employee demand Location 15 minute walk from east exit of Kitamoto Station on the JR Takasaki Line
Class-1 Architect Employment Details
Wages Monthly salary \180,000 and up (varies based on experience) Working hours 9:00 to 18:00
Days off Sunday and every other Saturday Other compensation Employment insurance, health insurance
Employeesf pension insurance, workersf accident insurance
Part-time Employment Details
Wages \800/hour and up Work hours To be discussed
Days off Two days a week