1、 One for all, and all for one
Always be attuned to whether each person around you has something they are worried about, something that is bothering them
Never let this awareness lapse

2、 It is better for 100 people to take 1 step than for 1 person to take 100 steps

3、 The organization is a reverse pyramid
The organization is a single-story castle
The organization is a diamond

4、 It is better to walk together than compete
It is better for everyone to be number 1 than to be number 1 alone
It is better to serve others than use them

5、 Fighting alongside someone else you will suffer the same hardships (if your help is half-hearted don’t give it in the first place)

6、 Don’t isolate others, don’t isolate yourself

7、 For examples of action, struggle, and teamwork, look to soccer more than baseball

8、 Strive to be a first-class human being, as seen by any person from any perspective

9、 Find as many things as possible that are superior to yourself, and respect, protect, and learn from them

10、 Always strive to nurture and put into practice gratitude, courtesy, and common sense